Parker Ito
📍️Mother’s Tankstation, Shoreditch

PPP by Parker Ito
at Mother’s Tankstation

We popped into @motherstankstation to see PPP by Parker Ito. The exhibition is deeply personal, and spans Ito’s thoughts on art, his habits and the process of being seen. The accompanying text is long, maybe a little self indulgent, but has endeared me to Ito a bit - particularly his penchant for yahoo auctions. Something about an artist exhibiting a bottle of his own piss sort of annoys me, tho (call me a prude!). I like the idea of scanners as pedestals - I think they make Ito’s point well about teleologically indeterminate ideas. I think I feel like a scanner sometimes. Many thanks to David, who took the time to elucidate lots of interesting tidbits about the exhibition too.

The link to the exhibition text is here

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