Damien Hirst 
📍️Newport St.

Damien Hirst: End of a Century
at Newport Street Gallery

Another not so remote review(!) saw a homage to Hirst’s early rising glory and geniune talent- in a seriously lovely space.

We are reminded of his multi-disciplinary oeuvre: a colossal sculpture, medicinal cabinets, spin paintings, spot paintings, found objects.

Locking eyes with shrivelled deceased animals in formaldehyde incited disgust and awe in pretty equal measure.

The transparent cage that encompasses the life cycle of the fly- they hatch/ they fly/ they die is really something to behold. It’s vile, it’s fascinating, it’s unforgetable.

Abstract spin paintings and meticulous spot paintings are lacklustre in comparison. They do nothing but emphasise the circus of the extra-ordinary that are his early pieces.

A visual trip to Damien’s Goldsmith’s days made the show all the more earnest! A real eye opening + art defying treat ! @damienhirst

Geo Merchant

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