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Chronus Art Centre

On opening up this platform, you are met with a 90s desktop background + a basic text box displaying the Press Release. It perfectly initiates the exploration of early Chinese internet culture that follows in this net-based show.

I had so much fun exploring this virtual space - the works are so original + genuinely entertaining.

I loved Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s + Mike Bennett’s ‘BumpList: An Email Community for the Determined’- an interactive conceptual piece that allows the visitor to subscribe to a mailing list, only to be removed once it reaches capacity. A flux of curious enrolment and involuntary removal.

‘Default filename tv’ by Everest Pipkin devoured my attention- think of it as the noughties’ answer to Tik Tok. The work finds and plays Youtube videos that were uploaded from the camera without edits to the filename. The result is addictively mundane - ranging from a clip of a regional ballroom dancing competition to a film of a tortoise mounting another. The randomness of the proceeding video is discomforting- but also very funny. Its playful nostalgia makes this work really special.

There’s a wealth of incredible online art pieces on this platform - go go go check them out! Link here.

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